Our Simplified Pricing Plan

There is no charge to register and no fees unless you execute an agreement with another party.  Equal Foot charges a base service fee per contract plus a release fee in an amount equal to a percentage of the amounts payable to the seller / contractor, as well as fees associated with money transfers (such as bank wire fees).  

The Service Fee has two components:

  1. a flat fee of $26 for each contract that is executed by two parties on and through EqualFoot.com, and 
  2. a fixed 1.5% fee applied against all payments that a buyer/customer makes to the seller/contractor.

The fees are subtracted from the total amount paid to the seller/contractor at the time of release of funds.

In addition to the fees, there are certain costs in connection with withdrawals / payments, depending on payment methods as follows:

Withdrawal / Payments Methods and Costs


Cost to you

Payment Processing Dates

Estimated Arrival


Via regular mail - No charge

Via overnight courier, U.S. only - $30.00

Via overnight courier, International $60.00

Processed and mailed on Fridays only

Depends on selected delivery method.

Domestic Wire Transfer


Processed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Up to 4 business days

International  Wire Transfer


Processed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Up to 4 business days


  • Payments must be a minimum of $20.00 USD. If your account balance is less than $50.00, the only available withdrawal option will be via check.
  • Per the Terms of Use, EqualFoot.com reserves the right to hold and review payments at any time.

Instructions for Buyers / Customers: 
Buyers / clients can pay by wire transfer, cashiers, business, certified or personal check, and money order.  To learn more about our payment options, click here.

Instructions for Sellers / Contractors:  Once the buyer / client releases the funds, Equal Foot will pay sellers / contractors on the same or next business day, depending on the manner selected.  Seller can choose to be paid either by a check sent by mail or a wire transfer.

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