About Us

Welcome to Equal Foot, where everyone is on equal footing. 

We built Equal Foot based on our actual experiences.  The idea to develop Equal Foot started off from experiences our founders had, and we believe almost everyone has had at one time or another – a contract was signed, you performed your part, but the other party did not perform.   In a customer’s case, for instance, maybe a contract for services was signed with a contractor and a deposit was paid, but then the contractor disappeared with the money and no service was performed.  In the contractor’s case, perhaps a contract was signed with a client and the service was performed but the client did not pay for the service.  In most cases, legal remedies are not worth pursuing because of the costs or stress of pursuing the matter.

Introducing Equal Foot. 

Equal Foot was created to meet the needs of contracting parties to negotiate, execute, manage and enforce their contracts.  Our service provides tools to initiate, manage and execute the life cycle of entire contracts.    Our services are designed to place buyers and sellers on a more equal footing, by providing them with a high level assurance that funds will be properly applied only when contractual conditions are met and that disputes, if they arise, are resolved without the delay and cost-effectively.  By doing so, Equal Foot minimizes contract risks for all parties involved, reducing delays in performance, misunderstandings of performance, risks of non payment, and the costs of conflict resolution. 

Performance begets performance.

Parties to a contract can use Equal Foot as a means to “ensure” contracts.  For buyers, that means that either you receive what you are paying for or you get your money back.  For sellers, it means that if you do what you are supposed to do, you will get paid.

Disputes between parties can, of course, occur. But with Equal Foot most disputes are a part, of rather than the demise of, a business relationship. With our streamlined dispute resolution processes, disputes can be rapidly resolved.  We believe our processes are so important (and worthwhile), that they are a mandatory term of each Equal Foot agreement.  

Unlike other services, we also take seriously the need for neutral parties when resolving disputes.  Where arbitration will take place, our agreements require use of the American Arbitration Association or the International Centre for Dispute Resolution. This means that if one party initiates a dispute, then the other party must respond and the dispute will be resolved in an efficient, effective and economical manner.

Our commitment.

We want individuals and businesses alike to feel safe contracting and know that if they have a dispute it will be resolved.  Whether you are an individual or a business, Equal Foot's commitment is to give you a simplified contracting tool that puts the buyer and seller on “equal footing” regardless of their size, repute and leverage.

Corporate Information.

The company is privately-held and headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida.   To learn about our founders, please click here.

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